Debra Driscoll

Psychic Palmist

"Have had several readings. Very straight forward, no nonsense, uncannily accurate." Diane N.

"I have been getting readings from Debra for quite some time now, and she's always “Right On”!! The atmosphere is always peaceful, and she makes me feel so comfortable. I have had many struggles in different areas of my life, and without knowing what they are, or provided with any information about what has been going on; she provides me with amazing insight, direction, and has helped me remain positive through it all. My mother who lives out of town, receives phone readings and she too is amazed each time. If you have never had a reading, or even if you have, try Debra you will not be disappointed!!" Carollee P.

"Debra has done several readings for me over the last 13 years and I can't say enough about how great she is! Her spirit guides are always spot on and helpful. Debra gives so much of herself to her clients, her love of her gift flows from her through her guides. I highly recommend Debra for any spiritual guidance or insight you might be looking for." Geri J, Tempe,AZ

"I had a phenomenal reading by Debra just a few months back. She is a wonderful person and with just one reading by her has helped me through a very rough time in my life. She will take all the time that is needed with each and every one of you who gets a reading by her, whether you do a 30 min or an hour, she is yours until you are fully finished. I could not recommend anyone better than Debra to do readings. I have sent friends and family members to her and all have been very satisfied beyond what anyone expected. she is a very uplifting person, and generous in helping anyone who needs it." Christina F, Phoenix, AZ

"I was talking with a friend of mine telling her how depressed and upset I was after losing my son. She told me about Debra and why did I not call her and maybe she could put my mind at rest. I did call and left a message for her telling her a friend of mine had told me how amazing she is. She did contact me, and was so very pleasant and made me feel as if I had known her for a long time. She did not ask my son's age or name, but told me he was upset the way his estate was handled, and about one grandson that became greedy, and the men that were supposed dear friends of my son, but they were "latchers." ( was true).... My son did not die from what his death certificate said, but from what my daughter thought, that killed him. I did call his doctor's office and spoke with the nurse that knew my son, and she too was shocked what they said was the cause of his death. Debra eased my mind, and I will recommend her to my friends." Arloa S, Tempe, AZ
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